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Now I'm 50 apparently I am in the "safest driver" catagory and by coincidence received a junk mail letter from Direct Line offering a free £5.00 M&S voucher "just for getting a quote"

Never look a gift horse in the mouth came to mind ( after all £5.00 at M&S will buy you nearly half a ready meal for one!) so I did an online quote and after entering my registration number ( the new one is on the car and on the MID) it told me I had a Suzuki Ignis! Never mind I am £5.00 better off!

Next I tried a quote from SAGA ( I qualify now!) and the same registration number there came up as a Renault Laguna! but when I entered the correct details manually it didn't show a Toyota Celsior but did have a Lexus Celsior.

This is the 1st time I have seen the Celsior listed on a mainstream insurer's database as most have never heard of the model and won't insure "grey" imports. the only problem was they were updating the website and couldn't give me a quote but I will make another attempt just out of curiosity.

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