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Rotational Knocking Noise


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I have a rotational knocking noise when i go round a long sweeping right hand bend, you can hear it and can also feel it through the floor on the n/s, any ideas what is causing this????

we have alrady changed the wheel bearing and bottom ball joint on this side and there does not apear to be any play in anything. Please help its driving me mad. :question::question::question::question::question:

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ah thanks anyway. Just reading throught some posts about knocking noises and one thing that people are mentioning are the oil valves inside the shock, we had a new shock put on that side a year ago and the noise has been since about then but started off really quietly and has gradually got worse, its gone through a mot last month so now wondering if it could be a dodgy shock???

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i just fixed a rotational knocking sound in my altezza.

turns out it was the inner CV joint on the rear left driveshaft.

the CV grease was all firm and like clay, and it was flogged out.

so replaced it with a spare i had, after cleaning and regreasing it.


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