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My cousin has had a 1992 Ls400 for a couple of month now, he has come back from holiday and the Battery is flat, now the problem is that both the front doors will not open, the key will turn to the locked position OK, but will not unlock, you can see the lock button at the handle move slightly, but the doors will not open.

We can get into the boot and i tried running a cable from the + of a jump pack to the boot light and the - to a earth in the hope of the central door locking being able to open a rear door, nothing.

He has stripped the boot liner out and tried the same on the petrol flap lock and boot lock wiring, nothing, i wonder if the fuse has went on the central locking.

Are you able to get to the alternator or starter from underneath the car, so we could get power direct to the car, or is it going to be a case of getting a rear window from a scrapper and breaking a window.

The reason he needs to get into it is to put he new tax disc on it, he has spoken to the traffic warden who has given him a week to come up with something.

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Are you, your cousin, the traffic warden or anyone you know a member of the RAC,AA etc as they can normally get in or consider joining as it would be cheaper than breaking a window.

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I am away at the moment, but if he cannot get in i will use the AA when i get back, i am begining to think the Battery was borderline and has started to unlock the doors and stopped half way, as the unlock buttons have moved partly the way out.

I had this with my passengers door once, as it had not shut right and neither the inside or outside handles would work, really he only wants in just now to get the tax displayed so he does not get a ticket or clamped.

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It's quite possible to be in a halfway position with the central locking as the LS uses motors and not solenoids and therefore it may have partially opened,the current draw is quite high also as all four doors open simultaneously and this may have been enough to finish the Battery off.

Let us know the result when you get it sorted as it's always handy to know.

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