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My car has started to overheat, I have just had the timing belt changed as well as all the other belts and water pump. Car was driving fine, Then i parked up for about 20 mins and the temp needle started to creep up. Me thinks that the cooling fans are not working.

Everything was tickety boo before the expensive work was done today. I managed to bring the temp back down by turning the heaters to full and taking a drive, But the temperature is still going up if I park up! Any advice appreciated as i am up at the garage first thing..... :tsktsk: There was also some slight missing as the temp went up. I did not notice at first. I did keep my eye on the needle when i got the car back off them but everything seemed alright. It was only when i parked up for the duration did i realize that the temp needle had gone up almost 3/4 of the way. This is when i noticed the slight missing if u can call it that... It was like it skipped a beat. I am sure the cables for the cooling fans are attached but it was to dark to really make out.

That increase in temp is not going to have a detrimental effect on my car is it? I did bring it back down quite quickly once i had noticed.

Everything was like clockwork before the timing belt change!


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Sounds like there could be a problem with the water pump to me.

If putting the heating on helped to cool it back down, that would suggest that there is coolant flow wouldn't it?

Not sure if the IS has electric fan(s) or a viscous coupled fan like the GS, but I would start looking at the fan first, or a possibility that the thermostat is jammed shut.

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