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Pioneer Bluetooth Kit

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I put the mic at the top of the driver's side A-pillar (i.e. by the sun visor). Following an excellent suggestion from Johnboy (his idea, not mine), I made a clip for it out of a cable tie, tied around the mic, then a little stub left which was poked down inside the pillar trim.

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I've got my phone mic just above the rear view mirror, and voice recognition mic at the top of the a pillar and both work fine so you could use either. Only thing to think about is that if your passenger may sometimes get involved with phone calls makes sense to put the mic in the middle of the car :)

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i dont have airbags either. i tried taking it off was pretty easy. would like to make the clip and put the mic on so its all ready before i fit the head unit. looking forward to the pics stevie


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Sorry Asi, I completely forgot ! :blush:

Just took some pics, here they are. It's incredibly simple, just a cable tie (black ones obviously suited the black microphone well), tied around the body of the mic and pulled tight, and then the end poked down inside the pillar trim. My cable tie was quite a short one so I didn't bother trimming the end off.

Credit to Johnboy who gave me this tip for mounting the mic ! :D




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