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Kerbed My Back Alloy Wheel

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Hi all,

I had a very stressful Tuesday which was capped off nicely when I kerbed a section of my pristine alloy wheel on the passenger back. :crybaby:

I am going to get it repaired.

Any recommendations? I see "wicked wheels" come to your house and bill themselves as doing presteige cars such as Lexus and others?

I also seel this company which looks reputable?

The wheels are not diamond cut, they the slightly larger 6 spoke 18 inch wheels.

Any companies in and around the twickenham area would be ace. I dont minfd driving out, but not hundreds of miles!

Thanks chaps!

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I had my 6 spoke 18" wheels done by them (via WIM) and they did a fantastic job. Two of mine were slightly bent too off a pothole and they straightened them and refurbed all 4 for £200 - bargain for the quality of work.

I think there's a company in South London as well that gets recommended a bit (Lepsons is it?) I think you'd be fine to use either. Not really sure about Wicked Wheels, but they do charge a lot more for the their service as it's mobile, if it's only one wheel then it's prob best to put the spare on and drop it off at BJV :)

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