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handed back my 220d at 7.30 this morning, it was collected and inspected by manhiem, the only comment made was 5+ stone chips on bonnet which is fair wear and tear,

he even told me it was going to leicster for auction and gave me the phone number and address if i wanted to find out which date the auction was so i could go and buy it back if i wanted too.

so for now im lexus less.

hopefully the new owner will join the club as i left the owners club stickers in the rear windows so keep an eye out for a new member with the reg K16 XUS

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to be honest im glad to see the back of it, i made a mistake changing from my 200 to the 220d as in my opinion they should never have tried to do a diesel lexus,

at the moment im using a 09 plate vw caddy van which is one of my work vans to get to and from work, and using the wifes fiesta at the weekends as she hasnt passed her test yet so its sat in the garage,

im going to wait till july when the new 250 cabriolet arrives in the showrooms to see what that looks like, otherwise its gong to be a Z4 or boxster or maybe a sc 430

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