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  1. Thanks for all the replies, I'm in no rush to buy so I'm going to hang on until the right car comes along, the 450 would be ideal but i would prefer a low mileage one even though it wont get high mileage use, unless the wife spends the money on something else
  2. Oh we'll I called into Lexus sheffield this afternoon to look at both cars, the 400H was sold within 2 days although its still on there website, the 450 was still there but it looked like its had a hard life, lots of stone chips on the front end and the drivers leather seat was in poor condition for a 2 year old car, I think it was an ex lexus lease vehicle. I will keep looking on there website but also having a look at the Audi Q7 and VW tourag
  3. thanks for the replies, the ICE package in the 400 is a bonus, are there any problems that come with it?
  4. i'm looking at getting back into a lexus after around 4 years without one, my last one the 220D killed the experience for me so i moved over to the BMW. i'm wanting a 4x4 mainly for weekend as i have a company car which gets used mon-fri, i started off looking at the Range rover sport then the Vogue but with a budget of around 20-25k these are mostly high mileage ones in my price range. my local lexus dealer has a 400H SR ( navigation ) with multi media and ICE on a 08 plate with 48K on the clock for under 18K as well as a 450H SE-L with a panoramic roof on a 11 plate for 23K but with 99k on the clock. any body have any opinions on the above two models? i have not been around the forum for a while so any help would be great. Simon
  5. hi, not been on the forum for a while since selling my is220d a few years ago, and switching to a 3 series bmw,im now looking at returning to a lexus as a second vehicle for weekend use as ideally we need something with a decent boot size and for when it snows etc, im not too concerned over low mpg as it will only be used at weekends mainly as i have a company car (citroen c3). i have been looking at various 4 x 4's and had my mind set on a range rover but have more or less made my mind up on a lexus as purchase costs are lower for the same year etc as im looking for a 2004/2005 car around the 10k mark. are there any issues with buying a 5/6 year old rx that i should be aware of? i have seen this on e-bay low mileage full lexus history and a 3 year service plan included, i think the price is a little high but i should imagine im paying for the service plan that he/she has already paid for, i have seen the same year cars on dealer forecourts for 10k but with around 50k on the clock. any advice would be welcomed Cheers Simon
  6. have a read of this guys thread bought 2 x M3 evo sport bmw's that have never been driven and been stored for the last 20 years plus along with an RS 200 and a merc evolution, turns out that a billionaire bought them for his sons who didnt want them.
  7. i had 2 new ones put on by kwick fit, the front ones were bridgestone potenzas and the new ones they fitted on the rear were bridgestone turenzas, i only noticed weeks later when i washed the car. i called into kwick fit and told them and they said it wasnt a problem having two tyre types as they were both bridgestones, i e-mailed bridgestone to confirm this and was told that is was dangerous to mix tyres even there own brands. they kindly did me a report stating this and later contacted kwick fit to advise them on mixing tyres and the safety issues. kwick fit got in touch and changed the tyres to all matching.
  8. had the same problem on my old 56 plate, ended up snapping the locking wheel nut, the rac came and plugged the tyre and lexus sorted out the removal of the nut as it still had part of the locking wheel nut pins inserted into it
  9. got to agree about the deisel thing, the 220 was my first and last diesel, although i do have 8 renault master vans at work, and not had any problems with them unlike the lexus
  10. my old 220d used to drink oil, the light came on about 7k after the service, in the end it got that bad i was supposed to take it in every 1k so they could monitor at whatn stage it was using the most oil, i couldnt be bothered with that as well as the other issues i suffered with the car so i got rid. mine was a 56 plate black 220d with a private plate, hope you didnt get mine?
  11. chek out the video the guy must be well sick
  12. dont no if its alreay been posted but looks and sounds great
  13. i think they will offer a watered down version for the road
  14. bmw have revelead the new M3 is going to be aimed at track days but is road legal, be intersting to find how it compares in price ect to the isf
  15. looks like you have had a bit of bad luck? whats the damage
  16. give it 18 months and you will pick one up for 20k
  17. when did you get your 220d? my old one which i had on a pcp went back to lexus ealier this year and was sold at auction to lexus newcastle, i had the same problems which is why it went back early. you never no it may be my old one, a black 220d reg K16 XUS
  18. theres an e-mail address on the photo, why not contact him and find out the truth, thats one cheap car theres got to be a catch
  19. i had the same problem with my 220d, in the end i just got fed up with it and turned up the radio until the time came that i could hand it back on my pcp, i was a loyal lexus custmer having owned a 200 then the 220 over 6 years i now drive a 3 series and so far no problems
  20. yep 3 series is the same 2 seats in the rear, way overpriced in my opinion but still looks nice
  21. there must be some desperate people out there due to the credit crunch and losing there jobs that make this company lots of money
  22. as a general rule there £1500 to £2000 less than the cars real value, usually people desperate to sell will go down the route of these type of companies
  23. i had the same issues with my 56 plate, like you i had a new seat and it came back i lost all hope with the car so got rid of it and now drive a bmw
  24. cant you sell it and pay them off? or is the car not worth the amount owed
  25. i returned mine on a pcp about 5 months ago, i was at the point that i had paid half of the value so i could return it without having to pay anymore. have you checked how much you would need to pay to be able to return it? also you have the option of selling the car and paying back the total finance ammount, which as in my case the car was worth alot less than 50% of its purchase price when at 28 months old. they took the car back and sent it to auction the last i heard it was up for sale at lexus newcastle
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