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Is Exhaust Fitments


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i am looking to buy a hks silent hi-power rear back box for my is300 and wanted to know whether the is200 and is300 are the same fitment?

Trouble is a lot of companies dont list anything for the 300.

Also wanted to add an induction, any suggestions? Been looking at the AEM short ram. Does any1 know of any issues regarding running this?

Also does any1 know of any decent panel filters besides k&n, incase i dont go for an induction.

Thanks guys.

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the fitments are not the same as the is300 exhausts sticks out 1 inch further


the European is200 and 300 have the same bumpers, so the rear section box is the same, if going aftermarket

its on the US/CAN is300's where the bumper is deeper and therefore the tailpipe is slightly longer, not really a problem if fitting to a European car, but a problem if fitting a European or JDM backbox to a US/CAN car, as the pipe is short and can burn the plastic

order a box for a is200 and you will be fine, most is300 stuff is listed on the US websites

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