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hi folks new guy here looking to get a lexus is 200..... well as soon as i sell my FTO. just joined up to find a bit of info, have to say i really didnt think they were as slow as they are. so can anybody point me in the right direction on what to look out for when buying? i thought these cars were bullet proof and now im reading about head gasket problems.... not good

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welcome to LOC

not heard of many head gaskets going on an IS mate!!

in the 3 years i've owned mine i've not had, touch wood, a single problem with it in terms of engine etc - just standard wear and tear issues.

they are great value for money at the minute and are a VERY reliable car.

if you want speed, you need to s/c it really from the standard lump, or of course more exhaustive work like engine swaps, turbo, etc.

They're very comfortable for didstance driving and can be reasonable on fuel if you treat it right - but they are by no means economical!lol!

hope you sell the FTO easily enough and join the ranks.

welcome again mate


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wow thanx for the speedy reply lol yea i read about the head gasket`s on here. truthfully im looking for a less in your face car as you can spot a FTO a mile away. only seen 2 colours that i like... the gunmetal grey or a nice bright red. ideally id like to get a sport model but if i cant get one in my price range i was wondering if i got an SE model would it be an easy enough job to drop in the LSD from a sport. im not a mechanic but ive done or helped my friend do most of the jobs on my FTO and it has been extensively worked on to get it in the shape its in now. things like the breaks, suspension, hydrolic tappets werer all quite simple to us even without the tools needed :shutit:

oh nice ride by the way.... that is some spec sheet must have taken you ages to get it in the condition its in now

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Welcome mate,

If you look in the knowledge base here;

that gives you a buying guide of what to look for when shopping for an IS.

If youve got the money spare and want the power theres a Supercharger kit on eBay right now LOL


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The IS200 is a solid/reliable car, its a better car than the IS250/220d IMHO.

I own a 2000 model IS200 in SE spec since 2003. As said, they are solid cars. Mine is now on 120k, and I have no major issues with it- I just replace normal wear and tear items, discs/pads, oil, filters, tyres etc. I'm planning to take my IS200 to at least 200k before getting rid of it.

You need to get the cambelt, idler and tensioner changed at 60k, so watch out for this on any potiential purchase. Front tyres can also wear on the insides- Lexus have setup the geometry (like tracking but so much more) on the IS200's wrong when built. However, WIM (Wheels-In-Motion- a geometry specialist) can correct this. Having the geometry setup by WIM will stop premature tyre wear and improve handling.

Standard headunits can fail, so watch out for the ERR3. Most people rip out the standard headunit and fit in a aftermarket unit.

What's your budget?

Hope what I have said helps you to choose the right car for you.

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yea i know all about the geometry lol same thing with an FTO. With the market being what it is today im hoping to pick up a 99 or 00 for arround £2K`ish with no more that 120k ive seen a few that need a bit of tidying but wouldnt buy 1 that needs to go into a paint shop but this all depends on me selling my mistress 1st lol. Thanx for the advice about the timing belt but i do this with any car as soon as i get it tho didnt do it with the FTO as i wouldnt want to start messing with one on a twin cam V6.

please correct me if im wrong but is it true that the is200 wont rust? had an old 205 yonks ago that was galvenised and loved the fact that it would never rust

oh never thought of asking but does anyone fancy a swop lol prob get a warning for asking but worth it



dont know if that is how ya post pics on here but thats my mistress

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I've never seen a rusty IS200, my IS200 is almost 9 years old- there's no rust on it!

I think the only way IS200's rust if they have been repaired badly (accident damage).

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I've never seen a rusty IS200, my IS200 is almost 9 years old- there's no rust on it!

I think the only way IS200's rust if they have been repaired badly (accident damage).

i mean underneeth where you dont see it like up round the fuel tank, chassy rails, strut towers.... im a firm believer in waxoil from new lol

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