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Do a search on here for Iphone ( probably in the IS250 forums ), it's not the best of phones to use on a handsfree as if you get a non-connection or network disconnect the Iphone shows a message on the phone screen and you can't use it again till you clear the message on the phone. Also you can't send the contacts in one go you have to use another phone.

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I've got an 06 GS300 and an Iphone 3G. some weird things go on between the 2. if you call from the phone, its fine, if you call from the touch screen in the car. it sometimes make a horrible screeching sound in the car then connects but sometimes it takes a while to connect and the other end think it's bad call and hang up before the car lets you talk to them. picking up calls is fine and as was mentioned earlier you cannot send your contacts to the car from the Iphone.

Having said that, I wouldn't have any other phone but an Iphone at the moment, it's just ticks all the boxes for me, and the upcoming update to OS3 may fix some of the issues Im having at the moment.

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I use a Blackberry and an Iphone in an RX400h and I have no phone specific problems with either. Yes I have had the screeching issue before but that happened even with my Nokia phone. Lexus changed some settings and that cured it....

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