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Is200 Service Help

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hi newbie to this site my 2001 is200 is coming up to 100000 mile service which i will be doing myself i was wondering if when i do the service its worth putting a k&n panel in it insted of the lexus filter but people say that because the k&n filters are oiled they can make the maf sensor go is there any truth to this they say the pipercross ones dont but i dont think theres much difference between them. Also oil and sparks plugs could someone point me in the right direction on a good oil fully synthetic or not? and what grade oil also spark plugs there are couple different makes on market which ones are the best thanks josh

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The IS200 doesn't have a MAF sensor as far as I'm aware, it has a MAP sensor. Yes, it's definitely worth putting in a K&N filter, it doesn't cost that much, lasts a lot longer than an OEM filter and can help mpg slightly. It probably very slightly helps bhp (1-2 bhp ?) but you won't notice that. I have had no problems with mine in the 8000 or so miles that it's been in and don't remember anyone else mentioning any problems either. If you do clean it and re-oil it yourself (there are kits for this), then follow the instructions because you need to leave it for a while for the oil to soak in, before you re-install it.

I'm about to put a fully synthetic 5W30 oil into my car in its impending service. The specs of oil are in the owners manual if you've got one, but there are some threads that Opie Oils posted (one of the traders on here) about selecting types of oil, try searching for their postings (e.g. this one and this one). It's worth checking out their website since they give discounts to LOC members. Different people may well have their own favourites for brands etc, personally I'm not sure the brand matters as long as the oil has a high spec (the various standards etc that it complies with).

As for spark plugs, the OEM spec Denso ones are SK20R11, and these are long-life ones. I replaced mine with Denso IK20R11 plugs, which are the high-performance variant. They don't last as long but then again they're cheaper too. Opie Oils seems to have some pretty good prices on those. Just as with the K&N, I don't think you'll notice your car going "faster" with IK20s in, but it can't hurt, and it might help your mpg slightly, who knows.

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Isn't the Cam Belt and Diff oil require a changing at 100k miles ?

There was a list on here somewhere that said all the things that needed to be serviced and replaced. Do a quick search on here, and you'll find it.

Best of luck !


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