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Hi I have an is250 MM and I want to put some brighter lights in (maybe with a bit of blue) and I just went to Halfords and was told that i need H11's which they don't stock. Now from looking on the net I can see there a couple available, but I have no clue about whether they are HID's or normal and if they will fit straight into my car etc etc..

So i was hoping that some of my kind fellow lexus owners could help me?? I found the 2 below, but I wanted something with a bit of blue: does anyone know where I can get blue ones? and also would the ones below fit straight in?


p.s. sorry for my lack of knowledge about this sort of stuff, it my first car!!

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thanks, they have a good offer si get free sidelights with those too....might just get them unless anyone can recommend any better ones? Or blue-ish ones?

I bought some Osram Nightbreakers for mine and i was a bit disappointed to be honest. I think the light is brighter, but the beam spread and reach is still pretty poor on dip beam (no problems on main beam). My previous car had HIDs which of course were much brighter and more effective. There's only so much that can be done with bulbs but even so i expected to notice a much bigger difference from the standard ones.

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