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Help Pleas Tte Silver Box

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Hello every body

I fited the Supercharger yesterday but i didet get the rite wiring diagram wite the kit

i have 6 kabels and the diagram have only 4

pleas help med the sharger is on the car bute i wont it to work .....

part nr on box is AM 27936 (siver Box)

ps excuse my bad English

best greetings

Anders from Sweden

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hey guys,

we have a thread about the silver ecu in our euro forums, look here:

it contains scans/pictures of the original tte manual which shows how to connect the ecu.

it also contains a picture showing the engine ecu plugs, so you can find the pins within the plugs.

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Just innstalled the silver box, but whenever i put more then 50% throttle down, or revs over 4500rpm I get in to "Limp mode"

followed the instructions perfectly... anyone whit an idea of why this is happening?

do I have to reset the silver box somehow or what can be the reason?


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Sounds like the silver box is either faulty (less likely in my opinion) or somehow not installed correctly (more likely, at a guess).

When you connected it, did you solder the connections ? Or use crimps/scotchlocks ?

I'm sure someone else will be able to give you some more useful suggestions.

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Seems like the problem has been solved.. the wire was a little to tight so the bypass was a little open.. loosend it so it closed fully and no problems now... but going to try it on the highway later today to se that there is no problem in highrevs and high speeds....

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