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hey guys, this has prob already been covered but can you help? i have ordered a new double din unit for my mk1 gs300 and need to know if im going to need a new face plate when i take out the oem one? and if so where from???

thanks guys.

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Yes, you will need a new fascia which you can get from Toyota (not from Lexus). See this post I did on my single din change, you wouldn't need the cubby hole part for the double din. I made the mounting brackets myself but I am waiting for a reply from Monster Mat in another thread as it looks like Toyota also do the brackets and we just need to sort out what the part number is. clicky

You will need an adaptor harness from Toyota connectors to ISO in all likelyhood too. I didn't bother with a converting harness, I just cut the factory plugs off and put ISO connectors on the factory harness. This also allowed me to connect in the Parrot handsfree kit at the same time.

Don't forget you will also have to bypass the amp in the boot depending on what the stereo is like, and no aftermarkets will control the CD changer so that will become redundant. On the plus side, when you ditch the Amp and changer, it give some handy extra space for the sub woofer, a Vibe CBRA100 in my case.

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Carefull fella, read the advert on there and you will see they only do the fascia for LHD cars. no good for over here in the UK.

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ah my apologies for that,I brought a kit and it worked fine for me,but i have a Mk2

No worries mate. It annoys me that shops over here will advertise them and not make it VERY clear they are for LHD. I've yet to find anywhere that has RHD ones, even UK shops and eBay sellers. Someone sent me a link to an eBay listing, but the guy who is listing seems unhelpful in telling me one way or another. Not that I need one as I have a Toyota fascia and they look more OEM to match the rest of the console, but still useful for others if someone had them.

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