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Not Guilty? Now Pay Up!


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Just seen this on another forum. Its a disgrace.

Basically if you challenge a ticket and win. You still have to pay court fees!

apparently its costing the government too much! Maybe they should just get it right in the first place!

Sign up to the petition here:

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I don't want to pay tax cos its costing me too much, infact where and when in life did i sign up for this agreement?

This new legistration is just pure BS, plain and simple. Why should the innocent pay? So now they can randomly convict people and either way they get money out of you, win win situation, thats all the goverment is about. It ok when you can change and make the rules to suit yourselves! We all know its currupted...expenses *cough*.

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Its part of a tatic, they've done this before time and time again. e.g about raising the road tax two fold but after a while they lowered it, just so it seems fine to raise it by 20% for no good reason. What will happen is a few months down the road is say you only have to pay 40% of the court fees, as to say they are doing you a favour by them paying the rest of the 60% of the fees. Trust me, that is what they will do, if not they will suddenly invent a new air.....i best not give them ideas.

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