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Is200 Speakers

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Hi people,

My drivers side front speaker is not working. Im not sure if its been like that from the start or just happened.

I have checked all the wiring and all the connections and have hooked the speaker up in the front drivers door and thats ok. I think it might be a break in the wire somewhere along the line.

Before stripping the car to pieces and destroying my hands trying to thread a new cable through the drivers door is there any fuse I could check other than the 10amp one by the accelerator pedal.

Any help appreciated.



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take a battery size AA and disconect the speaker wires and get a small piece of wire and test the speaker buy holding the minus the the minus off the battery and the wire to plus to the speaker. you should hear it click back and forth if it's good. worth doing before you start pulling the car apart

thats how i tested the speaker was working. there seems to be a break somewhere between the stereo and the speaker.

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always start with the easy thing to check then if the speaker is ok then you know that its the wire or the head unit. so next check the wire and if you have a spare speaker that you know is working use that to test the wire. if it don't work then check the head unit to see if that's working. there is no fuse and no easy way to test it but to pull the head unit out

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