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Whats The Best Polish/wax To Use On A Champagne Silver Lexus?

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Autoglym wont actually remove the scratches. It will clean the paint of any oxidisation but doesnt have enough cut to remove deep scratches. Having said that you can have varying degrees of success using a machine polisher.

I would first off purchase a g220/Das polisher machine

This is different from a rotary polisher in that it orbits as it polishes and wont burn a hole in your paintwork. Therefore its safe and effective to use for deep polishing.

Get yourself some Meg 80 professional polish or Menzerna (used by Porsche/Mercedes) Final Finish or Itensive polish. These all have a mild degree of cut, which when used with a polisher will remove mild scratches and rejuvenat teh paintwork.

To finish, the best wax I have used on a silver car is Collinite 476 doublecoat. Very durable and leave a deep glossy finish.

Before any of this, it goes without saying that you should "clay" the car first as any polishing without performing this step is pretty pointless, in my opinion. The claying will remove any crud from the paintwork, which isnt visible to the naked eye.

Having used it, it leaves the paintwork feeling like glass and youll be amazed at the crap you remove!

Happy polishing!

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If they're swirls, Autoglym Super Resin Polish is supposed to be very good, then extra gloss protection and a few coats of collinite 476s to seal it all in

This is exactly what I use, I know there are countless products out there but these are affordable & readily available & do a top job.

What I would do is, wash & dry your car thoroughly, inspect all areas of paint work for any scratches / bad swirl marks that you are unhappy with. If funds allow get a bodyshop to buff / polish them out for you, unless you wish to have a go yourself.

Then after another wash go over the body with a medium grade clay bar kit to remove any containments from your paint.

Now use Autoglym Super Resin Polish 2 coats, extra gloss protection 2 coats (leave to dry at least 1 hour between coats) then finally collinite 476 in as many coats as desired.

The collinite 476 is an 'old skool proper' hard wax that can last months. After washing you can simply add extra coats to build up more protection.

This regime has worked very well for me in the past & is still what I use today.

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