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New Owner - 2001 Is200 Se Auto


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Hi People

This looks like a pretty informative forum and I look forward to benefiting from the vast amount of knowledge that seems to be on here.

The Mrs has just picked up her 2001 IS200 SE Auto after trading in her 2005 Corsa - she was jealous of my 2009 A3 S-Tronic Sport and eventually decided on the IS200.

I'm slightly concerned about a barely noticeable whirring sound in 1st gear and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. It speeds up as you accelerate but isn't audible in any other gears... is this something they all do?

Also there was an advisory on the MOT about slight play in the NS steering system and I've noticed a slight knocking sound at low speeds over bumps. I take it this is likely to be the ball joint?

When I can find the time I'll be detailing this badboy and I'll try to post as many pics as possible if anyone is interested.

Cheers People!


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Welcome to the club!

If you're talking about a quiet high pitched whine almost in 1st gear, then that's perfectly normal, mine does exactly the same. Not sure about the second problem, but I think ball joints is a common problem on the IS200 (mine have been replaced before) so it is a possibility.

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Cheers for the updates people!

I was going to get new fog-lights as the existing ones seem to be letting in water/spray from the road and 1` isn't working. Called Lexus for a replacement cost and was told almost £400 for 2 new front fog lights! That won't be happening!

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I've also just found out it's making a loud screeching noise when doing slow speed full lock turns..? Anyone got any ideas?

Does anyone know where to get a manual for these cars as Haynes don't seem to do one.

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  • 1 month later...

Someone asked for pics... here's a copy of a thread I did on detailingworld...

The Mrs got this to replace her old Corsa at the end of October. I had a spare 2 hours today so I thought I'd see what I could do in the time I had.

It really needs a full machine polish and intensive deep clean which I don't have time for at the moment so it was a quick tart-up to see if I could start getting the algae and crap off.


Megs HW through lance.

Shuts tidied up and algae removed easily with a Megs slide-lock brush.

2BM with werkstat shampoo.

Rinsed off with Megs Last Touch.

Wheels scrubbed with autobrite wheel cleaner through lance.

Engine scrubbed with diluted R222 and agitated with megs slide-lock brush. It was only diluted coz I was running out - still worked a treat.

Engine dressed with A303 - love this stuff. Just spray on and leave while you do the rest of the car for a few hours. Quick once over with a microfibre to remove any excess and all rubber hoses and plastics look as good as new!

Tyres dressed with Blackfire long lasting tyre gel - really sets the car off and only needs a quick top-up at wash time.

Started with this...






Looks clean..?








Finished with this...




Good old R222 and A303!


Managed to a few years of dirt of the cream interior plastics which was satisfying! No pics though - sorry.

Can't wait to get the DAS-6 on to this badboy and a bit of werkstat to pop that flake!!!

alloys have had a crap refurb so I'll have to see what I can do with them. I'll give the engine a better scrub and scrub the arches while I'm at it.

The front fog lights have been filling with water and only one works - has anyone ever tried taking them to bits and tidying them up a bit?



Here's some of the damage starting to show now the fillers have been stripped out a bit...




This won't polish out. Looks like a towbar has ****ted it!


I think I can improve this a bit...


and this...


I'm quite happy considering it was only 2 hours.

I'll update this post when I get round to machine polishing if anyone is interested.

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I've also just found out it's making a loud screeching noise when doing slow speed full lock turns..? Anyone got any ideas?

Does anyone know where to get a manual for these cars as Haynes don't seem to do one.

I have this exact same problem! Getting my mechanic to have a listen this week so ill keep you posted :)

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