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Nokia Car Kit

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Hi ppl, sorry a similar post was done quite some time ago so i do apologise but a little lost/confused, im abt 2 install a car kit. simple question the power lead has 4 wires red, black, blue and yellow comimg from the main unit. now the red and blue have been wired 2gether. now only leaving 3, im assuming the yellow is 4 mute, now i thought for power u always had three wires where im now only left with 2 the red and black. is this all i need, to which wires behind the stereo do i need 2 connect these 2?

hope u understand this

many thanks

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It's the amp that you need to wire into, not the stereo - have you got a telemute lead?

Have a look at my thread from when I installed my phone kit, it had a nokia plug originally so all the wire colours should be the same that I've described.......LINK

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Hi Parthiban thanks 4 the reply i haven't got any additional leads, but 2 be honest the kit is fully complete and wasnt really planning on using the mute facility 2 work through the car speakers. the kit has its own sperate speaker which i was goin 2 use. I simply jus want power 2 the unit. my nokia connector block seems slightly different 2 urs, as stated the red and blue wire are connected 2gether. only leaving the red and black and yellow after the fuse

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The plug looks the same, so I'd recommend just getting the telemute lead, that way it's all plug and play (no cutting of wires or anything) and it will automatically mute the stereo and sound will come through the speakers :)

The blue is the ignition sense to perhaps it just takes it straight off the +12V? I don't know which wires you'll have to cut into, but if you only want power you won't necessarily have to go anywhere near the stereo. Hopefully someone else can confirm where is the best place to get power from.

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plug and play does seen the easiets, i was thkin abt placing the main nokia unit under the centre console and due 2 the lack in lenght of the power cable jus get the power frm behind the stereo, i did install a sat nav like other members and source the power for the housing frm the stereo leads, i may simply split the blue wire frm the red and do the same 4 this.

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Hi Shorty the blue and red in the pic r connected and i have left them as they are and installed the kit, pics will b up asap. so far everythin works fine, i took the 12v feed from the ingnition wire via stereo loom 2 avoid constant feed from the 12v live.

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I finally got the kit installed, very pleased with the amateur effort.

1 Nokia car kit

2 Nokia control box

3 I made an extra hole in the casing that holds the heated seat switches for the wiring from the cradle

4 I padded the control box 2 avoid any viabration, purchased it from a crafts shop

5 How the casing looks with the wiring from the cradle

6 After deciding 2 fit the box on the side of the inner console for extra support ive used velcro

7 Back plate of the cradle cliped 2 the plastic

8 After installing the box in it place stuck 2 the side with the velcro and paddin 2 help avoid the viabration

9 The speaker is mounted under the glovebox on the side of the heated foot vents

10 Answer button ive placed there purely for it 2 be a little discreet

11 Mic is on the side window pillar

12 Everythin in place and the completed little project













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