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Any Rx450 Owners Yet?

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Would just be interested in hearing their reviews of the car especially if they came from Mark 2.

Had mine a few months now, previous car was an E61 525D SE that had a LOT of toys added onto it by BMW (ex press demo car), which I'll use as my reference point for this. This is my first Lexus as well so I can't compare to other models.

In general I am really pleased with it, its comfy on long trips (I make a couple of 100+ mile of these each week on average), and returning around 35 to the gallon using super unleaded (worked out by what I put in the tank rather than the on-board computer). I can get to 40 if I drive carefully (I have a few 40/50s into 70s by me and I normally floor it for these assuming its safe). I find that using normal unleaded that the econ drops of by as much as 4 to the gallon.

The sat nav is very good compared to the BMW, I particularly like the split screen option on the motorways so you can see the junctions/service stations on one side and the map on the other. Voice control also works really well (once you turn off the nanny option for it). Performance is also pretty impressive for a car of this size when compared to econ, its not massively quick off the line (about the same as my remapped E61) but it does shift once moving. This is the first new or nearly new car I've had that hasn't had a single fault on delivery, everything is very well put together.

Running on electric and electric+petrol is seamless, can be a bit hard to do only electric if the traffic is stop start and people move off promptly, you need to coast in a lot more to get the most out of it. I can get up to about 50 mph just on the electric motors if I'm careful.

What I don't like is the iPod integration, I have a full 80 GB iPod that I have for the car, and it makes me scroll through all the albums one at a time. The Dension iPod adapter I had for my E61 allowed me to search alphanumeric. I've worked round this by creating an on the go playlist before I leave, less than ideal. I also don't like that the Bluetooth isn't Multipoint, a pain if you have a couple of phones like I do. The cruise control is a pain as its the cheaper sort set by the speed on the dial rather than a separate digital read out, and there is no simple way of decreasing your speed by 1, 3, 5 mph increments like on the E61, I tend to drive by the cruise control due to all the speed cameras so its a bit set and pray at the moment.

Niggles that I knew before I brought the car:

You can't adjust the temp of the vents in the back, my E61 had advanced aircon, so I miss this a lot

You can't set a timer for the aircon to heat/cool the car before you get in

No option for TV screens in the UK at the mo' (as far as I'm aware), I used to use the video out of my iPod adapter via the for the kids all the time in my E61

No option for a large sunroof

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Thanks for the reply Tank.

I'm surprised with the cruise control - should be able to adjust while set by moving the lever up and down (You could in the previous model) although as you say there is no readout telling you what speed it's set to just what the needle reads on the display.

Bluetooth Multipoint would be superb addition in future - both my cars require faffing about to switch between which phone it connects to. I can understand possible problems with having both connected at same time but why can't they automatically search for the next phone on the connection list if it fails to find the first?

Glad to hear you are enjoying the car and everything seems well put together!

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If the cruise control works in the same way to every other Lexus that I have driven, you can adjust the set speed by simply pushing the stick up or down. Each press is a change of either 1 or 2 mph. If you pull the stick towards you it cancels the current cruise mode - if you then push the stick up it will revert back to the previous set speed.

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Sorry I meant with the Cruise Control on the BMW you had a digital read out on the dashboard of what the Cruise Control was set to, and if you "flicked" the lever it'd go up or down in 1 MPH increments, holding said lever would do it in 3 and then 5 and then 10 MPH increments. This is perfect if you drive on Cruise Control all the time like I do to stay at the speed limit as it requires very little effort (usually just one click of the lever) to change between 30, 40, 50 and so on.

The Lexus has a cheaper Cruise Control (its the same cruise control that was in a Vectra hire car I had between the BMW and the Lexus) that doesn't tell you exactly how fast you are going as its based on the (analogue) speedo so guess work is involved and you have to hold the stick in the appropriate place to increase/decrease while the card slows down/speeds up. I just don't like the element of guesswork or the slight delay in changing speed, or having to hold down the lever for several seconds.

I will point out I'm being pretty picking really. :blush:

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Would just be interested in hearing their reviews of the car especially if they came from Mark 2.

I have had the RX450 now for 2 months trading in probably the best car I have ever driven/owned - GS450H having already owned an RX300 AND 400h. I have to say so far with 3k on the clock I dont think it is a patch on the others. Fuel economy is poor. Even driving carefully I cannot get above 35. On fast motorway runs(80-85) I am only getting 28ish as opposed to low 30,s in the GS. Seems a bit gruff on acceleration. Niggling fault with I POD. 9 times out of 10 it doesnt connect despite a new module being fitted to cure fault(dealer knows 3 other RX with same fault) although same unit fitted to IS with no problem.

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IPOD issue - mine had similar. I checked manual and it stated that gen 5 IPOD classic and newer supported. However mine was a very early gen 5. I upgraded to gen 6 and had no connection problems since.

Other probs I have had - rattles from bot front doors which were fixed bt Brackell - annoying but not end of the world.

I am averaging 32+ mpg since new (1200 miles) and have seen 35+ in London traffic and 40+ on 50mph roadworks on M3.

Overall - fab car but once agin lexus do seem to struggle on early build cars for rattles!

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Hi there,

I have a SE Navi with DAB, last car was a RX400h which I had for 34 months and 85K miles so easy to do a direct comparison.

The 450h is a far superior car, quieter, much smoother and more economical. It's not as quick on acceleration off the mark, but mid range is superb.

Forget the tales of harsh suspension that the press hacks have mentioned in their tests. Mine has the 18" wheels & stell springs, and it's fine, much more serene and quieter over the bumps than the old one.

The finish and fit is better inside, and no rattles (unlike my old 400h). The DAB system is superb, and really pleased with the ipod connection.

As far as fuel consumption is concerned, I have now done 7500 miles at an average 35.2 mpg. At 80 mph motorway runs it's returning just over 33 mpg. On my 27 mile commute from West Lancs to Bolton, it will often do 40+ mpg, but never get above 60mph. I switch to ev mode at junctions & traffic lights, and that will take the car effortlessly to 27mph, and can travel for nearly 2 miles on the flat, so reading the road, using downhill to coast & charge battery one soon learns how to get the best out of it.

I miss the sunroof and the auto tailgate I had on the 400h, but that's a minor niggle really.

Hope this helps



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I am using the ECO mode - the one controlled from right square button on steering wheel???
Yeah using that too. Maybe need to give it a few weeks.

Try super, I found better econ with super over normal unleaded. I also found that the "square button" eco option gave worse econ when driving normally as you ended up having to use more throttle to keep up with traffic. I tend to only turn that option on when I'm cruising on the motorway at a steady speed.

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I tried super unleaded today for the first time and mix of motorway, roadworks and heavy traffic gave me 34.6mpg over 110 miles.... Overall I am averaging 30.5 mpg of mainly motorway. Best bit is that I am not really trying to drive in an eco way. Also at motorway speeds teh overtaking thrust available is addictive :-)

as for the harsh ride mentioned in motor press - cobblers!! My SE-L has 19 inch wheels and it is absolutely fine!

DAB is great. Full postcode in sat nav at last.

Overall - very pleased (especially now the rattles have been fixed!)

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