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Had Enough This Week And Its Only Tue


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Iv had enough this week and its only bloody tuesday!!!!!! :angry:

Firtsly as some of you may have read monday morning flat Battery on the car due to a ecu alarm problem! Got that sorted lastnight.

Tonight i leave off work and the bloody keyfob snaps when i turn the key to start the car :nugget: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: Now forced into buying new keys as the spare one is broken aswell. :(

Whats next????????? :unsure:

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I had my insurance renewal throught yesterday from Adrian Flux, and they're offering key insurance for an extra 14. I wonder would it cover broken keys. It says it covers lock smiths and stuff and lost keys. When I ring them up I may ask them.

Might be worth asking your insurance can it be added to yours.


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Hi there,

I've seen this posted on here quite a lot lately and I didn't understand why so many people are having problems with their keys. I have had my IS200 for 3 and half years but I've had no problems with keys and as far as I know my keys are all the originals. The car is nearly 10 years old.

There has also been a number of other people who have stated that they have had their car for a number years and never had any problems.

Now this got me thinking (like I do sometimes) and I was sure that you need to push the key in to either turn the ignition on or turn it off. I think it's become so natural for me now that I don't even think about it.

I have now checked what I do with mine and I have reaslised that I, sub-consciously, push the key in when I turn the ignition off or rather when turning the key from ACC to LOCK before withdrawing the key.

I have also checked in my manual and it states in the section 'STARTING AND DRIVING':-

MANUAL TRANSMISSION: To turn the key from "ACC" to the "LOCK" position, you must push in the key.

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION: To turn the key from "ACC" to the "LOCK" position you must put the transmission selector lever in the "P" position and you must push in the key.

This deterrent is put there so you don't accidently switch to the lock position while driving locking the steering.

Maybe the broken keys are as a result of someone not pushing the key in when turning to the "LOCK" position???

I remember years ago when I had a Toyota Camry you had to push and hold a button next to the ignition switch before turning the key to "LOCK".

I hope this helps.


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They said bad things happen in 3's! Well my third was today after i droped the missus off at the bus stattion, the enginge, snow, ABS, door open lights on the dash all started flash!!!!! Iv realy had enough of this now.

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