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Removing Rear Bumper & Lights


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Hi all...

Had a little unfortunate knock when reversing off the drive the other day - DOH!!

Nothing too major but one corner of my rear bumper has come away from the rear quarter slightly.

Can someone tell me how to remove the rear bumper and also notify me of ALL the clips and mountings so that I can inspect it to see what (if anything) has snapped causing the mis-alignment?

Naturally, I wanna take it off and put it back on as straight as it will poss go until I can afford paintwork. I may need a new bumper but wont know till I see if any of the clips/bolts are damaged.

Same for the lights....the cluster is now a little loose even though not damaged and still road legal.

Cheers for your help


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been looking and found no walkthru on this site, found this tho

Remove rear lights - lights

i seem to remember another screw on the inside, but unsure, cant check, offshore at the moment.

Remove rear bumber - link

There is a small clip, that's easy broken that holds the bumper in to the rear quarter, cant seem to find a part number for it tho, hopefully someone will come along who can help.

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