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i need to get 1 for my 1994M reg mark II

mainly for insurance purposes but also to please myself.

any 1 reccomend a good but cheap one? also how do i go about getting one fitted?


Isn't there one built into the car as standard?


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not an insurance approved one, or so they are telling me anyway!

It would probably be easier and cheaper to change insurance company than to buy and install an approved alarm and imobiliser.

I will bet that 99% of LS owners don't have to retro fit an imobiliser, I know I didn't on my 1995 or on my current 2000.

Good luck.


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I think the only "approved" systems are from the likes of Thatcham,these systems can be bought for DIY installation but without the certificate they are not approved so need to be professionally fitted.

As Redsteve says have a shop around the insurers.

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not an insurance approved one, or so they are telling me anyway!

Hi according to thatcham your car has an immobiliser fitted (evaluation number TC1 75/0694 feature code r3 ul) try quoting this to your insurance company as it is a thatcham approved device.

should keep them happy Mark

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brilliant thanks mark, i will try this!

my renewel just came through at 1300 with adrian flux.

on compare the market i got it down to 830 fully comp. now best i cant find is 620 with direct line.

i live in doncaster and im only 22 with 5 years no claims.

Have you tried sky insurance from this site I doubt they will be able to beat £620 but give it a go, Also sign up to quidco & see if direct line do a cash back through them.

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Insurance tips for matt......

watch the 'voluntary excess' amount....go with nothing if you can (Post Office, AA, RAC etc) The voluntary excess is added to the compulsory excess which is usually a few hundred with a £500 comp exc + a voluntary amount soon adds up to 3/4 of the value of most old Lexus so when you crash they will just give you approx half the value of the car which luckily for them adds up to what you pay per year and they get away with paying out sweet F.A.

What do we pay insurance for exactly??

3 insurance companies have ripped me off, they are nothing more than legal fraud themselves.


" estimated" annual mileage below 7k...or less

no-one should nick these cars but say its locked up at night or in a secure car park

say you dont "commute" to work.....if you crash whilst traveling to/from work, just say you were going to the shops or whatever

if you already told them you commute, then tell them its not at 'peak-times'

married or living partner etc....single is dearer prob b'cos they know yer missus isnt creaming your wallet, so they'll have a go at it instead....

jobs also affect the cost....become an aircraft engineer or something with high responsibility and the costs plummet (or just tell them similar)

use of works vehicles etc

if all that fails, change postcode..... find a granny from way out west and ask to use her address

You must remember what you said if an unfortunate accident occurs - be on the ball when swapping details, give nowt away and when you get home, get your policy out before filling in the forms, check what you have declared

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