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  1. Just gone back on the ulez site and it is no longer compliant. The previous owner had it on disabled tax and I believe this is the reason it was exempt. The V5 is now updated and it is coming back as non compliant 😢😢😢😢
  2. I would hold on to it. They are going up in value. You will find it is ulez compliant aswell, my mark 4 is. As for value got to be more than £3k could fetch up to £5k.
  3. Thanks bluesman. I hope it gives me as much pleasure as my last two. Going to have it as a second car this time to keep the mileage down to a reasonable amount. That is the plan anyway Lol
  4. Well it seems it sold on auction for just under £6k I would say it was definitely worth that. Seems it is now £12k in a dealers. That is a decent profit margin lol. Probably will be worth that eventually. After all it is a fine example of probably the best car ever built.
  5. Phone them at profess autogas as that is all they install. They should be able to throw some light on it. Excuse the pun Lol
  6. 1999 green with black interior. LPG converted. 2 owner's full service history. Belt changed five years ago. DHP wheels plus original. A couple of very minor bits to do to bring it up to pristine condition. Drives as new. I could not resist it .
  7. After owning two LS400s and very briefly a 430, I just had to buy another one. Every time I saw a LS400 on the road no matter the condition I was suffering car envy. So went out today and bought a 85,000 mile 99 plate mark4 . Can't wait to pick it up 😀😀😀😀
  8. Just a update My conversion has been perfect and fault free. It is 3 years down the line now and 45.000 miles. I would still use Profess even though things have changed a fair bit down there. But as they are not so busy the technicians should have more time on theconversions.
  9. BP stopped doing bottled gas a few months ago. Have not heared that they have stopped doing lpg so maybe just at your one .
  10. Talking TV if you watch on catch up you don't need a licence . not watching live broadcasting ,
  11. Winter tyres really start to come into their own at temperatures below 13 0c so if you are going to fit a set of tyres for all year winter ones are better to go for unless you drive mid afternoon all year. They are phenomenal in cold weather conditions, clear water better to , As for snow a must
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