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  1. Just a update My conversion has been perfect and fault free. It is 3 years down the line now and 45.000 miles. I would still use Profess even though things have changed a fair bit down there. But as they are not so busy the technicians should have more time on theconversions.
  2. BP stopped doing bottled gas a few months ago. Have not heared that they have stopped doing lpg so maybe just at your one .
  3. Talking TV if you watch on catch up you don't need a licence . not watching live broadcasting ,
  4. Winter tyres really start to come into their own at temperatures below 13 0c so if you are going to fit a set of tyres for all year winter ones are better to go for unless you drive mid afternoon all year. They are phenomenal in cold weather conditions, clear water better to , As for snow a must
  5. my lex

  6. Yes hook foot under it . if not check brake light bulbs
  7. I went for a Vcam off Ebay £30 a couple of years ago after a lot of research . Its insurance co approved and you can get a discount on insurance with some companies .
  8. Mk3 V Mk4

    The mark 4 is an all round better car faster more economical, No real electrical glitches the stereo is fantastic. belt change is 90k as with the 430. VSC traction control & snow mode are a major + The VVTI engine is perfect. The mark3 is superb but the mark 4 is just that bit better all round. & for me better than a 430. Go & try one but at the end of the day if a mint perfect mark3 came about I wouldn't rule it out either.
  9. I would think £1600 would be achievable without a problem as its on lpg.
  10. Mine went down £80 on renewal first time ever. I go between adrian flux & sky both brokers & seem to get a good deal every year.
  11. Jobless

    Sorry to hear that Chris, Lots of jobs going in the Magna park area with good rates you are a C+E (class1 old money). Wont take long to get another job Chris as there is a shortage of 80,000 drivers.
  12. In relation to the prius my mate got one as a company car, He was raving about how quiet it was, I went for a drive in it then took him in my ls 400 oh dear not so quiet after all. The main problem he had with the prius was in the winter around town the heater didn't work.
  13. First Parade

    Better still convert it to lpg use it all the time , It still won't be as cheap on fuel as the smart but overall insurance tax mot depreciation ect you will save money & get to drive in luxury every day & I promise you will never get bored of it. These cars are built to be driven, If you use them on a regular basis they will run forever.