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Photo's Of Satnav

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hi all, as requested photos of sony satnav built in to origina lexus housing

Screen is touchscreen.

excellent sat nav

buttons on housing to open and close work (looks very cool)

Easy to connect to ignition. (comes alive when key turned, never runs out of Battery and doesnt drain car)

No wires or cables or sticky marks. perfect built in satnav




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comes with full fitting instrctions, really easy. To update maps would need to be plugged into PC, leads not included. At as for price, if i can't get £200 off here for it it will go on eBay, i paid £290 off there so am sure it would fetch over £200

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well i guess thats an option, you'll find most people on here like the factory look so its a good way to keep it without changing the head unit, also without a new motor the sat nav housing wont move

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There's no 'Buy It Now' option on the eBay link :(

EDIT: Just checked the message on eBay! Thanks alot for saving it =). Give me a ring anytime tomorrow, if you don't get through, drop me a text i'll ring you back. Sat is cool, i'm just really eager to get it all fixed ASAP so that's why i'm bugging you alot. Sorry mate lol, but Cheers. See you and the SatNav soon!

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