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Is 200 '99 Shock Absorbers


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Hey guys,

first I'd like to say "Hi" from Bulgaria. Just bought an IS 200 yesterday.

However, my shock absorbers need to be replaced because they life is almost over. Actually only two of them, but one in front and one in rear, so I have to change 4x1.

Unfortunely the local Toyota (and Lexus) dealer offers them for 350 EUR each (like 320 pounds I believe) which is quite a huge amount for a shock absorber of almost a 10 year old car.

Do you have any idea where I can order them online? I saw only one company selling some in eBay but they ship only to UK.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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On the german forum, there is a guy called "celicagt" that can get you 4 Bilstein B6 dampers for the IS 200 for 369EUR excl. postage. That is a very good price for an excellent damper (much better than standard). Don't think you'll beat that. :hohoho:

LOC Euro thread:;hl=bilstein

Bilstein site:

PS: If your German is bad, try pasting the LOC Euro thread in Google Translation for entire webpages. It works pretty well.

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Thank you, guys. I just ordered the shock absorbers from Bazza.

P.S. My german is not only bad, when a few years ago they tried to teach me german in school in the end of the two-year class the teacher told me "If you want to take this class, all I want you to learn is the following phrase: Spreche sie deutstch nicht!". And I'm not even sure if I'm writing it the right way... :)

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