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I have a 2000 with the DHP.

If I had my chance again then I would rather not have the DHP. It makes for a choppy ride on B roads and the handling isn't that much better. These cars just don't want to be thrown into corners, they are cruisers. :sleeping:

The tyres for the 17" wheels are ridiculously expensive. :o

The Sat Nav is awkward to use and the directions it gives are quite often very suspect. It can't be programmed while the car is in Drive so your passenger can't even use it while you are driving.

The fuel enonomy is about the same as my 95 LS was, I average about 25 MPG.

Having said all that, it might only have 20 BHP more but you can tell the difference when you stamp on the loud pedal. :devil:

Personally, if my 95 LS had not lurched every time the AC compressor kicked in then I would have had another MKIII, that was the thing that annoyed me most about my 95. The MKIV is silky smooth AC on or off.

Just my view.


This always happened to me in my MKII, I am thinking about getting another LS probiably a MKIII. But I hated the lurching with the A/C on, does this affect all MKIIprobably and III?

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Not on my MkIII.

It certainly happens on my 93LS, to the point where I turn the AC off when I stop at the lights.

I've had no problems at all on my Mk2 LS with the AC on-I can put it on maximum cold even when stationery without any problems.

I did have this problem on a mercedes I used to have-the AC was fine when moving, but when in traffic jams I had to turn the AC off. The problem was that the AC fan wasn't working-so when the car was moving the air entering through the grille would cool things down but when stationary it would cause it to overheat and make the engine run rough. Maybe your AC fan is not working???

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There's a significant difference between idle speeds on my Mk2 with the AC off (around 450rpm) and AC on (850rpm). When the AC clutch kicks out, the revs drop to around 300 before picking back up to 450.

In near stationary traffic, I have to use the brake to hold the car back when the AC is active; which means as soon as the AC kicks off, the revs drop & I come to a dead halt... but if the AC kicks in while I'm drifting with traffic, then the car tries to lunge forwards - not badly, but annoyingly.

Therefore, I also turn the AC off when in traffic; unless it's so hot that it would be unbearable.

It's never bothered me, however, as every AC-equipped car I've ever driven does exactly the same thing...

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