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hi i have a big problem with my 2001 ls430 , the Battery has gone completely flat and i can,t get into the car , even with the manual pull out key on the remote , there is no flashing light on the dash with the smart key , i car only think the double dead locking is on , and the manual key only triggers a electric solenoid so it still needs some Battery to operate , the key does turn and click but does not open the door , i can not think what to do other than smash a window ,or is there a power connect i can power up from the out side with a boost pack , i can not get the bonnet open , has any body come across this problem , any ideas or advise with be very much appreciated all the best colin .

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Hi are you in the AA or RAC as they have data on how to gain access to vehicles, If not call your lexus dealer in the morning & hopefully they can help, The only thing I could suggest is removing the number plate light & bulb & feeding in a low ampage 12 volt supply through there be carefull not to short out across the + & - though, in theory your key should work then.

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Hi Colin I Googled "access to Lexus LS430 flat battery" and this topic was the 1st up!!!

hi steve thank you very very much with your help , i sprayed wd40 into the boot lock and left over night , and then managed to open the boot with the key , then powered up the blue wire to the boot light with a jump pack and the remotes worked and the doors opened no problem , one new Battery fitted checked the charge rate of alternator now all ok for , thank you very much this is about the third time the forum has got me out of touble , and i have been a motor mercanic for 30 years , all the colin

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