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Battery Dead Locked Out

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been away for a few weeks and came back, tried to use the car today to find out i cant get into

it, looks like the Battery is dead and can only get into the boot as the door lock was damnaged

by a previous owner and cant open the door. just wodering any suggestions before i go and break a window

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there are a few posts on this about the LS400 . what they had to do was connect jump leads to the rear boot light using the boot catch as the earth (not the boot lid) , no idea if this will work with the is200 tho, could be worth a try

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Silly question but does the passengers side door lock not work either?

The old metal coat hander down the window not work these days? Plenty of garages & locksmiths have tools to break into cars with out damaging them. Will be cheaper than buying & installing a new glass I would imagine.

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Lie in the boot, coathanger in hand, thru the ski hatch, have someone guiding you to the door handle, or if you can get your head thru the hatch (funnily enough i've never tried) better still :D

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