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Hello Everyone


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Hi All,

Some of you may have already seen my profile coz I`m on this forum as a registered member sience nov 2009 after my 9 years dream came true when I bought her last summer. She is a 52 reg IS300 in plat-ice color with TTE body kit, only had 31K miles when I bought it in mint condition.

Been quite so far olny visited the forum for getting informed about some mods. I love the car, always want to drive it even if I dont have a destination lol

Try to post some pics hope will work.



If you cant see the picture pls visit this

Have done some little mods but no engine upgrades yet, but planing

ps: sorry for my english but I`m a hungarian guy who lives in Glasgow :hehe:

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you want to copy the link with [ img ] at the beginning (without the spaces) and [/ img] at the end of it

when I`m trying to insert an image a message come up saying this: "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board." :shutit: thx

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Wellcome Koko to LOC. Hope you will find it useful here.

Actually the link works,, and the car is really nice.

Enjoy it mate.



I found it useful already coz you guys have posted helpful topics :whistling:

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got the picture posting sorted so here she is:






A present from my Girlfriend, guess what car she likes (hand made) :winky:



TRD side skirts

18" GS alloys with IS-F center caps

Altezza ariel

Flat wiper blads

Stain finish rear lamps

"Clear" trunk (badget removed)

Tinted front windows (35%)

LED side bulbs

Valve cups with lexus logo

In-Dash TomTom satnav

Near Future:

TTE lowering springs

Wheels refurb

exhaust ???

SRT cold air intake

Paint calipers (matt black with white stickers)

Change rear parking sensors to painted ones

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