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Torned Bet 2 Radios!


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  1. 1. Kenwood KVT 627DVD or Pioneer DEH P6200BT

    • Kenwood KVT 627DVD
    • Pioneer DEH P6200BT

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Recently, I had a problem with my Lexus stock car stereo. CD and FM doesn't work at all! And so I ordered a Pioneer radio from the USA. After making the order and have it shipped here in Manila, my friend from Dubai told me that he is sending me a Headunit with a dvd player!!! now i don't know which one to put in my Lexus and my Rav4... hmmmmmm :unsure:

the Kenwood is an old model but can play DVDs.

the Pioneer has a built in Bluetooth and Ipod ready..



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Hi spoilt for choice then?,well at the end of the day the choice is yours.Ask yourself what do you want your stereo to do for you? have you got a lot of down loaded music,use your mobile phone on the go? or do you just want the looks?if it is just looks i know which i would go for.Hope this helps.

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hi great looking stereo you got could you please tell me how to remove the stereo from my IS200.

many thanks.

new member simon a.k.a donkey ***** lol.

Basic guide of how to change the headunit HERE

And welcome to the LOC :)

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