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Free If Collected !

Recommended Posts did read it correct.

l have replaced the alloy wheels and tyres on my IS200 SE

and the originals can be had by simply collecting them.

The wheels are slightly scuffed in places but the tyres have,

in my opinion, quite a few more miles left on them.

The tyre sizes states...215/45 ZR 17.

lf anyone is interested, please e-mail to arrange a mutual

time to collect them.

l live within 12 miles of 'Brighton' on the South Coast.

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yup dave it looks that way - agreed to buy a 300 off a mate last nite purely as it has 38,000 genuine miles on it and too cheap to pass up - always wanted a 300 tbh and its full leather and nav but no skirt kit - not getting it till next week so my mate can use it to look for a new car

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Nick (and others that e-mailed me)

It was so nice to meet you Nick and l am very glad to be able to give them a good home.

They were far too nice to simply become 'Landfill' items.

As previously stated, welcome back to the 'Lexus Fold'

Drive safely

Barrie (Dr)

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