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Is200 Rear Brakes Problem


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Hi guys,

Im new here and this is my first topic in this forum.

Ive recently had loads of problems with my IS200, the rear brakes making a lot of grinding noise.

The car is now in a local garage but doesnt know how to fix the fault.

The car was due for some new disc and pads so i changes all 4 corners with new pads, then i realised the rear shoes were also nearly finished so that was also changed.

The brakes went really soft and weak but i was aware of this as being new disc and pads and i know they

require some time to harden but the noise it was making was unbarable.

I have found that the noise was caused by the rear of the car and now the car is on a ramp we discovered that the problem is the springs and clips in the rear shoes.

We didnt have problems changing the tension clips but the spring that pushes back the plate also known as "plate separater" seems really difficult to replace. the garage doesnt know how to remove the hub to make more room to access the springs.

Please if anyone has had this problem before or know how to replace these springs and clips let me know as my car has been in the garage for 6days now.

Im sorry that the description is very brief

appreciate your time!


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Hi, I cannot understand a garage not being able to replace the spring and clip assy as although it is a bit of a fiddle it is the same arangement that most cars with drum brakes have had for the last 20 years; and there is a special little tool which you push in and turn to allow the plate to lock . there is no need to remove the hub .The only thing I think could have happened is that they have pulled the disc off without fully backing off the brake shoes which can,deform the cranked shape of the pin which holds the spring ,which allows the shoe to scrape on the disc ;I have seen this before ;the part number of the pin is 47447-50010 and as it is under £2 it is worth fitting a new pin 1 each side ;the other pin is straight so is not affected .With regard to the brakes ,although they will take a short time to bed in they should still feel firm after the first few operations;I would suggest that the brakes are fully bled with new fluid

Hope this helps

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Were about are you??what makes you think it's the springs I have worked on these cars for years and never come across this!!

But to be honest if the garage can't do such a simple job I'd get my car moved else were!!and you do not need any fancy tools!I could strip and rebuild the shoe set up in less than a hour using long nose pliers!!

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