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Lexus Is200 - New Battery Installed - Voltage Fluctuating

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Hi Guys

didnt use my lexus over xmas due to the snow, it was sat for 2 weeks without starting.

started it last week and have a drive about, all was fine.

went out to it on Thursday morning, only to find it dead, couldnt even unlock it with the remote.

tested the Battery and it was showing less than 10v :(

so i just bit the bullet and got a new Battery.

the old one sort of swished about a bit when i lifted it out! so must of been buggered.

new one in, started fine, drive fine for 10 mins. but i noticed the voltage on the dial fluctuating, now i dont know whether i have never looked at this before and it always does it?

or do i have a bigger problem than just a dead Battery. or is the fluctuation a normal thing that i just havent ever noticed?

going to try it again today :)



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Hi,dont think it is normal for your voltage on your voltage dial to fluctuate,on starting the car it should gradually move up and stop at about 14 amps.Could be that you have a fault with the alternator which is in turn not charging the Battery properly,hope this helps.

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