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Hi guys,

A random post for a car forum I know haha but I am just after a bit of advice about changing jobs whilst still keeping my current one.

I am 22 and work for a major blue chip company and have done for nearly two years now, however they have recently made a few changes which have alienated quite a few people and I for one am seriously considering leaving, normally there is a one month notice period however due to some of these changes happening we are all required to sign a new contact of employment and one of the stipulations of this is if you do not sign it you can leave without notice, I would be up for that but obviously need to have something else lined up.

I have created my CV and ready to start putting it out there however I know the company I work for has close links to quite a few employment agencies locally which I would primarily use to find a new job.

So my question is if I start throwing my CV out there would it get back to my current employers?

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Don't be too concerned about it - it's extremely unlikely that a recruiter would actively tell your current employers that you are looking - there is all manner of privacy laws that would be breached by such a communication.

Even if your current company does find out, once you've made up your mind to leave, they may conceivably try and persaude you to stay but otherwise there isn't much they can do apart from keeping you away from any major upcoming projects or commercially valuable info that you might take to a competitor. No great loss - you'll have more time for jobhunting!

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