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Fan Belt


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Hi all. I am a new LexusIs200 owner,i will be collecting my car on sunday hopefully,my question is: the owner of the car has said the car starts and drives BUT he has removed the fanbelt ( i dont know why,car is damaged) will the car sill start without the fanbelt? and is it easy to replace fanbelt

i also need some parts for my lexus,but they asking for too much on ebay,does any1 have any lexus parts on here?


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The IS200 has electric fans, hence no fanbelt. But it does have 3 auxiliary belts.

1. Power Steering (looking at the engine it goes to the pump lower left).

2. AC Compressor (looking at the engine it goes to the compressor lower right)

3. Water pump and Alternator (looking at the engine the water pump is on the left hand side of the engine block and the alternator is on the right hand side of the engine block at the top).

The only belt I would drive without is the AC Compressor belt.

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every is200 has a fanbelt!

do not drive the car without it. chances are it will over heat as your water pump will not run.

Not true, look in your engine bay. The fans on an IS200 radiator are driven electrically with motors.

Read my post again. There are 3 auxiliary belts. The 2 most important ones are the ALternator/Water pump belt and the Power Steering belt. The air conditioning belt isn't as important as the car will run without it (just don't select AC because nothing will happen).

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the water pump belt is the fan belt. you can call it either or coolant belt.

radiator fans run off a sensor electrically & through a relay/fuse.

this is the case in almost all the cars.

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Or you can call it the alternator drive belt, which is what it's called in the workshop manual.

I don't think it shoud be reffered to as a 'fanbelt' because it doesn't directly drive a fan. But that's symantics for you.

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