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Spotted this example parked in a used car lot in Puerto Plata. Sorry only managed to snap it from a taxi window so not the best picture but strange to see one in a relatively poor country, even though petrol is around £2.20 a gallon (US) it would still take some running with an average wage of around $250.00 a month.


The other noticable thing is the amount of LPG filling stations as these outnumber petrol stations,I didn't see the price for gas but it would appear to be more popular there than in the UK.

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Hi Guys,

I recently got back from my holiday too. B)

Me and the Missus went for a cruise and stay holiday in the Caribbean.

We stayed in the Dominican Republic for a week and cruised to Tortola (British Virgin Islands), St Maartin, Antigua, St Lucia and Grenada. :arrrggg-matey:

We saw an LS400 on every island, some of them were badged as Toyotas and had slightly different styling but they were definitely LS400s.

It seems even relatively poor people know a Lexus will cost them less in the long run! :winky:


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