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I was hoping someone could offer some assistance with a problem I'm having. When I attempt to start my RX300 I have to hold the key down fairly long and it 'sounds' like the starter is having a few problems. I went to have it checked out, and the mechanic told me to start the car in front of him (bear in mind I'd driven there and it'd only been off for a few moments) it started pretty much ok in front of him and he said there was no issues with it... I told him that I'd wait 10 minutes and show him after it's cooled down - which I did and it did make some noise and he still said there was no issue with it.

The question is, has anyone else come across any similar issue? Am I barking up the wrong tree thinking it's a starter issue? The car has done 73k.

Any advice / hints?


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If the RX starter is the same as the rest of the range, then there is a common issue with the contacts on the solenoid. I have a link to a tutorial that I did for my GS in my signature regarding changing the solenoid contacts. It doesn't cover getting the starter off, but will give an idea on the fix.

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