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Help! Using To Much Fuel And No Power

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can somebody help me my is200 is using to much fuel i put 35l and made 160miles (no speeding) engine light is on sometimes flashing car doesent have power at all.Also TRC light is flashing and when connected to computer show ABS. i check it on computer and this what it show:

P0300 , P0301, PO302 , P0303 , PO306 (INJECTORS NEED TO BE CHANGED?)

P0110 , P0120 , PO1310 , P01315

and some more :(

c1251, c1271,72,73,74,75,76,77 c1278 (trc and abs all faults?)c1223

can somebody help me... from what i supposed to start?

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Wow, with that many fault codes I'd suspect the ECU but it could be possible you just have lots of things wrong with the car.

May be a job for a toyota/lexus tech to diagnose this one.

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To be honest, getting 160 miles on 35L are the sort of figures you'd expect to see from a IS200.

Can't comment on the loss of power or the fault codes though, other than that if you have that many errors I'd just take it to Lexus/Toyota and see what they say.

Only other thing I could recommend would be to disconnect the Battery for 30 seconds to reset the ECU, might help with the fuel consumption slightly. Also check your air filter, might be clogged up.

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