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Engine Problem With My Is200

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Driving to work last night, and all of a sudden, seemed down on power, spluttering a bit, sounded like a scooby lol. TRC light flashing also. Am i right in thinking this is a spark plug/coilpack issue? No EML came on though, and most threads i've read with the same problem have had the EML come on as well

Any help appreciated

Is the engine cover easy enough to take off, so i can check plugs/coilpacks?

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dont bother with the calibration info above, just disconnect the Battery for the time it takes to swap the coilpack that has gone, never known them to go in pairs "normally".

once the Battery is reconnected it should have cleared the short memory from the ecu

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AA were called out today, it was diagnosed as coilpack 1 and 4 gone. This was confirmed as when coilpack 1 was moved to 2, and 4 to 6, another scan showed coilpacks 2 and 6 misfiring.

Dandydons is saving the day by sending me a couple of nearly new coilpacks, cheers buddy :)

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