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'09 220D Extended Warranty?

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Hi guys,

Seems very informative on there... good work.

Right my dilemma is this. I'm thinking of buying a lexus 220d an 09 model. I have been promised an amount of money per week for me to use my own car.

with the repayments of a loan met, insurance, tax, I will be left with roughly £20 a week towards maintenance. I know it'll not cover servicing , tyres etc.

I will be doing roughly 30,000 miles per annum. What is the best way to safe guard myself against a large unexpected expense? or am I safe enough if I'm getting a car with less than 20,000 currently on the clock? Am I best off paying the extended warranty fee and taking the cost of servicing on the chin? what is roughly the cost of servicing?

Thanks in advance for any imput.



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i wouldn't bother with extended warranty or dealer 220 is march 06 with 81k miles and now more than two years out of warranty.recently i have bought

new Battery cost approx £90

small service by indy lexus specialist £50

big service £95

using genuine toyota parts

bridgstone tyres @30k ish per set of four £450.

buy your own warranty if you want peace of mind.

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The car comes new with 3 yrs warranty so you are covered anyway until the car is 3 yrs old. Depends also where you are planning to purchase the car, privately, Lexus dealership, car dealer, auction?

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Purchased from a dealer, not a lexus dealer. Great thanks... so the lexus servicing is not worth it?

Great does anyone know of a Lexus specialist in Liverpool/Manchester? the NorthWest?

Thanks guys.

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I have a 2007 is220d and have had two services by Lexus Bolton - I dont do many miles so get it serviced every 12 months.

The first service was a 60,000 miles and an MOT (£54) and I had two tyres (Dunlop SO01 - £130 each) - total cost £600

The second an Intermediate (70,000 - although I had only done 6000 miles since the last service) and an MOT - Total cost £300

Each time - Lexus collected and returned my vehicle and gave me a Lexus for the day.

I cant fault them and recently they gave me free advice over the phone when my key fobs refused to work

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Mine's a petrol (07) bought this April with 30k on it. Lexus Derby supplied with 12 month Lexus (not dealer) warranty. So far I've had 2 VVTi controllers, 4 wheels and the boot lining refitted. The warranty to buy is quite expensive, but I will certainly buy one next year.

Bear in mind that to maintain the warranty you can have servicing done at ANY VAT registered garage.

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