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Ls430 Air Suspension Business

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I am now looking at a Lexus LS430 around 01-04.

Budget of around 5k.

I'm aware of the FLSH stuff but the only thing that concerns me is the air suspension.

As far as I can understand the issues are with leaking shocks and the rear height sensors.

Using toyodiy, I understand the rear height sensors are around 65 a piece, so that is swallowable.

However this shocks buinses, around 500 a piece isn't so much.

So my question.

1. Do all UK LS430s between the years I am looking at have air suspension?

2. Is there a way of being able to tell from pics if it has air suspenson?

3. Is there a way of telling if the car has premium pack from the pics if the rear central armrest if not down?


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From what I understand the AS was only available on the Ultra Luxury package so most models will be on normal spring suspension.

It will not be easy if at all possible to see just from pictures if the car has AS the only real way is to look at the top of the suspension mounts, if you don't see springs it's on AS.

Premium pack models normally have different wheels but I couldn't tell you what they look like.

The link below may help you

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My understanding is that two models of the LS430 were originally offered, a base model with a normal spring suspension and a 'luxury' pack model with self leveling air suspension. Everybody bought the 'luxury' pack model and the base model was quickly dropped, if you find one it may be an import.

When you buy an 'old' luxury car, you have to accept the risk that something expensive may need replacing.

My 2001 LS430 has covered over 50.000 m in the last 3 years, without any suspension problems. On the other hand the Mercedes S class I ran for 2 years needed, two new rear springs and new front shock absorbers.

Don't be put off by the air suspension, like most things on a Lexus it is very reliable.

If I was looking for a replacement car I'd look for an early 2001/2 LS430 with a 5 speed gearbox, they appear to have even fewer problems than the later cars.

John N

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Go for it, I did, I picked mine up last week, spent £804 pounds today getting it serviced and timing belt done, and Lexus said it was in excellent condition. It's a 2001 model. You won't regret it

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Also, Take into account that when you hear of things like that you are actually hearing about a tiny minority of cars, another factor is, Lexus are IMO, comparitive to any other cars, the least problematic of all cars so when you come to something like this air suspension thing it sounds a much more huge thing than it really is, and, as someone else said, if you buy a luxury used car replacements and service things are much more expensive than the ford focus, again to repeat someone else - age does not reduce the cost of replacement luxury items.

I am 400 owner but if I were buying a 430 thats the way I would look at these things.

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