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Is300 Running Costs 18 Months On..(100K Service & Cambelt)

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I did an update at 12 months and after having my 100k service today I though I'd update again.-

This was a biggie--100k Service, Cambelt, Water Pump and Goeometry as the fronts were wearing on the inside.

Just shy of £730.. (and the water pump was £145+vat!!)

They did say that it was one of the best/cleanest that they had seen so that lightened the load (but not by much!).

I've decided that I will be selling it in September (after our holiday) but thought it would be best to get it all done before selling- I know I wont get the money back on it, but I'd like to think that it shows how well the car has been looked after and wanted for nothing during my ownership..

Some gratuitous shots after it had a machine polish recently:


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To be honest, even having worked on cars for over 8 years (windscreens) I didn't even know there was an IS300 - I only found it out while on the internet looking at 200's to buy. So it wouldn't be surprising if 90% of the people on the road that even know what an IS200 is, hadn't heard of, or know what, an IS300 is

That said, debadged looks better in most cases anyway ;)

I was thinking about it today, and I think I'll keep my 200 for the next couple years, maybe three, build up some more NCB, and hopefully the insurance will cost less, then I'll think about changing it for a 300 - if I can find a nice low mileage one with the front and rear TTE bumpers, and 18" Aero alloys - mmm....

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hi nice car when and where are you going to advertise the car for sale

Medium of choice is normally Pistonheads.

However, If I wanted to spend my day rebuffing offers of £20 and a packet of crisps, I'd use eBay.... :whistling:

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hi i would be interested do you have any idea what price you want also where are you based

I live in Surrey and in terms of pricing somewhere in between (after checking P'heads, autotrader and ebay) where the lower milage top money sit, and the doggier high milage are.- eBay is a good example to understand where expectations sit currently.

In terms of the car itself:

100k, Registered 31.12.2004. Full history, in the last 10 weeks its had an aircon service and the autobox fluid replaced- cost just shy of £375, plus cambelt, water pump, geometery, 100k service, £730- so nothing needs doing. Leather is unmarked and also comes with hands free Bluetooth kit and Ipod kit.

Totally standard aside from the K&N Filter, Sony Sat Nav Unit and the TRD Front lip.

Its just had a new bonnet and front end paint courtesy of Lexus' 12year paint warranty- some stone chips on the leading edge of bonnet had gone scabby and rusted- as they couldnt determine if it was from the outside in, or the inside out so in the bodyshop it went at no cost to me.

Taxed and the MOT is until the 20th May 2013 (no advisories).

I'm getting the Aero's refurbed this weekend so have put the original wheels on so I may sell those seperately depending on what I can get for the car.

I'll let you know when I put the ad' together.


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On the plus side, the IS300LE is quite rare and a nice colour.

On the down side, most the things you have done are just listing what people expect - standard servicing & maintenance.

On the plus side, it is clearly in fine condition.

On the down side, 3 litre engines are a bit of a turn-off in a recession.

On the plus side, there is a niche market for the IS300 because it is such a good, reliable car, great to drive & not a lot worse on fuel than the IS200.

On the down side, not many general buyers know what an IS300 is.

You need to research what others are going for and hope when the time comes, someone is specifically looking for an IS300 plus a sensible reason for why you are selling such an A1 car

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I sold my is200 after owning for a year and bought a is300 two months ago.

Car is 2004 with 52k, fsh, in Platinum Ice. Has every original factory extra available from Lexus including full Areo Kit and wheels.(and 4 brand new tyres) Found it on Autotrader, had to travel few hundred miles to get it but what a lovely car! The is200 is no comparison, infact they are as different as two cars can be, only downside is fuel consumption on the is300.

Had been looking around for one of these ever since buying the is200 as hated the manual box and lack of "power" but had to have the original Areo Kit. low mileage and top condition with fsh.

Think the fella needed to sell quick as I was the only person who went to look at it after being on Autotrader for 3 weeks, so he accepted my offer of £2600. I am so particular about cars its pathetic (according to the wife) but bought this one on the spot! Okay, I did have the wheels refurbed/powder coated, front and rear bumpers repainted to make car %100 and new front discs with greenstuff pads all round which cost just over 1k, but I still cannot believe how cheap the I bought the car for, as I would have gladly paid at least 4k for it.. :)

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Lucky b******! Sounds like you've got exactly what I'm after - 2004 (or 5) IS300, 52k, csh, Platinum Ice, with aero kit and wheels (I want one with the TTE front and rear, and 18" six spokes), and paid more or less what I paid for my 200 (£2500) !! And sounds like you changed for the same reasons I want to too - I'd rather have the 5sp auto/tiptronic over the 6sp manual (although I don't hate the manual, it's actually quite nice, if a little notchy; I just want the laziness of the auto, which from what I've seen, are a pretty quick shift too) and the lack of power. The full leather, auto dip mirrors and other few "extras" aren't that much of a lure for me; be nice to have but I'm not that fussed - it's just the 'box and power I'd really be after for a trade up.

I probably overpaid for my 200 - but to be fair to it, other than a few surface scratches here and there (bush rash mainly) it's been so well looked after (servicing, seems it wanted for nothing as far as parts etc go) and the fact all four wheels had a full refurb and 5 (yes, 5) brand new tyres, the extra £500 over my budget seemed worth it (considering the tyres are worth that alone)

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Dont get me wrong, my is200 sport was a good car but not a great car and the lure of a is300 was always there.

It is such a pleasure to drive, so smooth and relaxing but man that car is quick when the fancy takes, infact from a standing start it feels as quick as my Lotus Esprit Turbo! (will time a 0 to 60 later today to see how fast it actualy is)

Apart from the standard kit, this car has the dimmed rear view mirror (which is so good) full leather, rear parking sensors, satvav, arm rest, rubber boot mat, auto adjusting zenon headlamps, yellow spot lights, Areo spoilers and 18inch Areo wheels. I love this car and reckon to keep it for quite a while, unless someone offers me silly money for it! Thing is, what other car would be as good as this in looks, performance and price? (no, not a BMW or a boring Merc)

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It's 4 units as far as I know - and an average pint (read Fosters or Carlsberg, etc) is about 2 units per pint. Granted I know I can drive perfectly fine if I had three pints, but I won't as driving is my job, and should I get tugged and found over the limit, I'd be out of work faster than you can blub an apology

But it would be cool to pop in and have a couple one day, and get a first hand look over a decent 300 - although that might be a bad idea as it'll probably push me over the edge I'm teetering on as to whether to get one or not ;)

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