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Hi And Help Pls (2004 Is200 Front Brakes Problem


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Hi all, ive been recommended this site by a former IS200 owner so thought i'd sign up and fire this Q at you all - Any leccy 200 owners on here that had probs with the front brakes.

I've gone through 3 sets of front disks and pads as they kept warping. I run the disks in for as long as I could and even changed the calipers on both sides and bled the brakes. I checked the hubs to make sure there's no debris nothing to cause misaligning the disks but i still keep getting warped disks (steering judder under braking). Also I get a horrible rattling noise when I go over a bump/pothole but as soon as I apply the brakes it goes. I also get a clicking noise when I'm braking and turning at the same time.

Any ideas?

It flew through the mot last month and I told the tester about it but he said everything is solid underneath and nothing seemed loose.

Just wish there was a way I could simulate braking on an uneven surface so I could get underneath and see what or where it is.

The brakes aren't genuine parts I must add. I've been told to go to Toyota for genuine disks and pads and to get a tub of thick white grease from them instead of using copper grease. Thought I'd ask you guys first tho.


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Welcome to the club n all, does seem like you have a strange one here. Is it doing exactly the same thing on both sides? IS200 front calipers are known for siezing, mine have a few times.

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

Your question raises questions in that are you allowing time to bed the new discs and pads in, avoiding sudden harse braking, do you keep your foot on the pedal when stopped at for example taffic lights as this can caused localised overheating of the discs.

If you are using cheap far eastern pattern parts this may be the cause, OEM Lexus although not the cheapest are probably the way to go but there are some decent other aftermarket sources for example Mintex,

You say you have replaced the calipers but were there new or used, if used were they checked for seized caliper pins or pistons?

A clicking noise on low speed conering that goes when you release the brakes is symptomatic of worn caliper pins.

Are all your pad retaining clips and shims present?

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Thanks for the replies guys. Regarding the calipers I only changed the front drivers side as its this side I believe the noise is coming from. I fitted a brand new caliper as I suspected the pistons had seized on the old one. They're aftermarket caliipers and pads (APEC) and the disks are some cheap drilled and grooved jobbies off eBay.

Never thought of the retaining pins tbh but I is coat the brakes especially in between the hub and the disk with copper grease.

So do you think it's worth me buying genuine Lexus/Toyota disks an pads?

Anyone know what I can expect to pay from the dealer just to supply them. What's this thick white grease in a tin I keep hearing about?


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