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Insurance Company Got Me By The Short And Curlies?

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has my current insurance company got me by the balls? i rang them up to say 'hopefully' i will be picking up the Lexus on Friday, how much would it be to move my policy over to this vehicle.

bare in mind i have done some insurance quotes and the cheapest for the year i got was around £530. and my current policy ends in 29 days and i paid about £500 upfront in January for that. so in my eyes i have already contributed say £40+ for the month.

the lady put in the details and came back to me with £118! i was gobsmacked. explaining the above and she took off the admin charge but it still was £93. I rang again today and it is £85.99, think the reduction was because the 1st time i rang the lady did it from yesterday and not Friday.

But anyhow do i have an option? those short term insurance deals quoted me over £200. :(

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This is now the most practised rip-off by all the insurance companies. They only have to tap out a few keys on a computer keyboard, but they lash us with silly charges. It's right up there with the rip-off of printer cartridges and razor blades.

When I wanted to change over my personalised registration to my Lexus from my Freelander, they quoted me a crazy fee. I managed to negotiate a way around this by purchasing an additional service, like passenger insurance - or something like that. This was just £12 and they just updated my details showing the purchase as the reason for the update. I doubt that this will help you in your particular circumstances, but it might be worth a try.

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thing is im not renewing just adding the new vehicle to the policy in place of the old one. once its over il do the compare websites and get the best deal.

il ring up tomorrow, whinge a bit see if they can drop it at all then just pay what i have to. cant be driving with no insurance.

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when i bought my iS200 SE Auto I had to get the insurance sorted before I could even drive it home.... it was 56 pounds which covered 3 months until the policy expired. I had a 1.6 Ford Focus previously It seemed quite alot for just 3 months considering the insurance is about 70 quid more for the lex a year so it doesnt really add up. Even worse for you with only 29 days left. I didnt really ask questions tho as i was so desperate to jump in the car and have a blast! Maybe they just take advantage of changing the car over as they know youve got to pay up if you want to drive your new toy! who knows.

I think your just gonna have to just pay whats due up to the policy expiry and then shop around.

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I didn't get charged anything for swapping the insurance from my previous car to my IS, other than the increased premium (which you'd expect going from a 1.4L Rover 200 to an IS worth 5 times as much). They just said that on the day I wanted the switch done, I'd be insured on both cars, and the next day I'd only be insured on the IS, and increased my monthly direct debits till the end of the contract to reflect the higher premium.

Was very easy

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