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220D Wont Crank After Egr Cleanup

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can anybody suggest what i have done wrong?

I removed and cleand all the sooty/ carbon build up on my EGR

i followed the instructions as they were posted ( video tutorial on you tube)

removed the Battery

removed the flexible pipe

removed theEGR housing ( was abso;utly caked with carbon)

cleaned it all up checked the pitson was moving ok (split the electrcal EGR from the mechanical half to check)

reassembled and refitted

when i went to start the car it did fire, struggled for a few second then stalled,

now the it wont crank just turns on the on button but will not fire!

what have i done wrong, any assistance would be most welcome

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hi Yes thanks for the suggestion though

to be sure i have had everything back out rechecked and put back in again

i wasnt doing anything else other than this work, but ive checked to make sure i hadnt dislodged anything

the Battery connections are tight, the car turns over just not firing ( the Battery is only 6 months old and plenty of power)

there was an earlier thread suggesting that the ignition needs to be left on for the immobiliser to re initilise!( they said 6 mins) sounds plausible althogh no one else who has done this EGR Clean ( and there apears to be many) have mentioned this!

i also saw you advised someone back in april who was having the same issue, but his had an iffy Battery and started the next day with an over night charge

should i just keep turning her over till she eventialy fires?

obviously concerned i cause some damage!!

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I cleaned my EGR valve two days ago, and my car started, but shuddered for a few seconds, and then the VSC check light came on and it went into limp mode. The AA checked it and said my EGR valve is faulty. I took off the Battery overnight, and it reset the car and its fine now. I suggest you do the same. I think the soot has got into the manifold; therefore it needs to be possibly vaccumed out.

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i did try to catch as much as i could, but obviously some went inside,

surly that has been going through the manifold! it all this time though!

however at this point i will try anything and everything!


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no worries, also another thing worth doing is take out AA breakdown cover, its around £80 a year and covers for £500 and upto 5 claims. Its not much, but lets say you damaged your EGR its £350 brand new without fitting, therefore worth while having some cover.

I have taken it out, as just in case the head goes, or flywheel I can take it to local vat reg garage and get it repaired for a few hundred after the cover pays out. Worth bearing in mind!!

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Was my thought also that maybe some carbon had fallen into the inlet causing a few problems.

I used a hand vacuum whilst cleaning mine to avoid any carbon falling in. I'm sure if a few fine particles slip through it would not do any harm but if a larger piece has fallen in t may cause some issues if stuck or blocking part of n inlet valve.

Hopefully it will clear itself if you can get the car running long enough.


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Thanks Carl,

it is difficult to stop the carbon dropping down the hole when you try and remove the Valve( damm gravity lol)

, but i agree that a vacum in the other hand at the same time to sook up as much as possible does seem to be common sense ( clearly i was missing that yesterday)

this morning i took the whole thing apart (again) and tried my best to get the vacum cleaner hose as far in as i could, so hopefully it will have removed some of it

just thawing out before trying to turn her over now ( i dont think i mentioned it is snowing!)

if i can get her to turn over and keep her going im hoping it will clear its self with a long run.

like i say it just trying to get her to that point before the Battery dies, may have to call the AA for a jump (and perhaps get him to see if there are any error codes on the ECU)

obviously getting the car toed to the lexus dealer is the last resort!!


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thats the breakdown guy finished just needed some extra power and a eventually it started up after a while,

took it for a run and every thing seemed to be working well , then bamm!! "VSC" light back on and dropped back down to limp mode ,

gutted thought i had it sorted :-(

and i was so relieved to have got it stated plum forgot to ask him to plug into the ECU,

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thanks fo all the help on this thread it appears i have now fixed the problem

here is a recap

I had the VSC issue and I think it was down to the EGR and DPF

However following the above threas and a conversation with a very helpful chap from Logan’s garage (Edinburgh) I was able to rejuvenate my PDF (so far over 500 miles without any problems)

I followed the very helpful video to remove and clean the ERG valve, and there was a lot of soot!

I would definitely agree with the comments on here about cleaning this every 5k or 10k regardless of experiencing any performance issues (once you see the build up you will know why!)

This on its own didn’t fix my problem however some more digging around the forum LED me to contact Logan’s garage to see about removing the particulate filter

(At this point I had resigned myself to the fact I would have to take it to the dealer, at a price of £86 juts to diagnose the issue, prob take about 2 mins plugging into the ECU!)

Bearing in mind this is the dealer that does ALL my servicing, this simple task in my opinion should have been done free !

Unfortunately Gary from Logan’s told me the Lexus is the only one they can’t work with as they don’t have access to the Lexus software to reprogram the car NOT to look for the DPF

However he did give me some advice:

if you can get the car to a decent speed take it for a loooong drive on the motorway with high revs, the DPF needs to get up to around 700 degrees to burn off the soot

Avoid short journeys again the car needs to complete a process and it never will with too many short journeys (again take it for a long run every now and again)

avoid supermarket fuels ( although lexus recommends low sulphur fuel this needs to burn at much higher tempeture, the sulphur helps it burn at a higher temp)

Run an additive (most recommend the BG244) to clean deposits and it helps the burn of the soot that clogs the DPF

This certainly worked for me (I called and cancelled my appointment with the dealer)

hopefully this will work for some others too

none of this advice has ever been offered up by my Lexus dealer ( this is my second lexus) but i am sure it must be common knowledge to them!,

i guess there is no profit in helping end users though!

it would ppear they are no better than others in the motor trade and revel in making a profit at others missfortunes

Gripe over!

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