Dr. Colour Chip Touch Up Paint Review

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I had a few stone chips and light scratches that I needed to touch up on my IS250, so after looking around I decided to try Dr. ColourChip, who kindly offer a discount to Gold members on here:


Dr. ColourChip's website here:



The kit is slightly different to the usual touch up kits, in that it comes with a few extra bits. In the picture below you can see the custom matched paint (in my case Cadoxtan Slate, paint code "1G0" I think), some different brushes/applicators and the "SealAct" chemical for removing excess paint/blending. There's also a nitrile glove, a microfibre and a wiping cloth included in the pack.


Firstly, I must say I was very impressed with the colour match. I usually go for OEM touch ups as I have had a few dubious colour matches in the past when I have had paint mixed, but this one is spot on. The chip I chose to try it on first was probably not the best example to be honest, as it it quite deep (although still down to primer) and will take a bit of paint to build it up.


It works a little differently to normal, as you are not supposed apply the paint directly to the chip, instead applying a blob of paint to the side of the chip which seems a little unnatural, but it's the way it works!


You then use the supplied nitrile glove to smear the paint over the chip, before leaving it to try for a few minutes (up to 1 hour). Once this is done, you use the supplied "SealAct" solution to blend the surface and remove all that excess smeared paint. You have to apply only light to moderate pressure, but as you can see from the photo below, it really works! You need to buff the surface with the microfibre cloth too once you're done with the SealAct.


Below you can see my results after one attempt. I think this particular chip needs going over again due to the depth of it. There's also a few more areas of the car that I'm planning to use this on once the weather improves and I can spend a bit more time on it. On their website it shows that this stuff works particularly well with small marks and "road rash" and to be honest, I can see why. I'm really impressed with both the colour match and the ease of use. I think the "SealAct" solution is where the magic really happens, allowing you to remove excess smearing with no problems. It really is very easy to use.


Overall, I'm really impressed with Dr. ColourChip's ease of use, and I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you have a few small chips/marks to touch up. I will be using again where necessary in the future.

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That looks good. I'd be interested to see the results once you give it a further coat or two to fill in the hole.

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When I get round to giving it another coat I'll post another photo up :)

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