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TTE lowering springs


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I am thinking about having the TTE lowering springs fitted to my IS before I pick it up and I noticed that on the TTE website it says that they lower the car 30mm. I am right in thinking that the IS200 sport is a tiny bit lower than the S and SE? If so would it still make my Sport 30mm lower? In your opinion guys, is it worth fitting the springs or saving up and fitting some TTE coilovers? Bearing in mind that I don't drive that hard and it is mainly for looks:cool:

Also, my Lexus dealer looked blank at me when I said the letters "TTE" so where is the best place to order them from? Will they invalidate any warranty if I have them fitted by Lexus?

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Yes the 2002 sport is 15mm lower than other IS's, if you put TTE springs on then it will be 30mm lower than standard car only. TTE are pricey, have a look at Eibach Pro Kit, Mat and I have them, about £140 a set. Then about £150 to fit align then re-align after 500 miles.

So would the eibach springs still only lower my car another 15mm? If so I think I will save up for some coilovers. Just out of interest though, where do you get the eibach springs from in the UK?

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i can get the TTE stuff..............u2u me

TDI,sell the spring,id suggest you also invest in some antiroll bars aswell,to benifit from the lowered effect,less body roll and better suspension control

do you really need coilovers,they are a big difference ,handling wiseand they need to be set up correctly.....i had full race systems fitted to my rover 325 lb springs front!!!! sh!t the suspension didnt move,but on the glass surfaces it stuck like glue,then on the bumpy bits suffered from the most horrendous bump steercouldnt get traction in the wet either the car would just lift..............look around at different kits,ive done lots of coilover kit reviews in the reviews section on the main page

"a coilover system is for life,not just for posing"

reviews section link


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still waiting to get my eibach springs fitted.... did you guys notice a big difference in handling when you had them fitted?? or do you really recomend that I get the anti roll bars too?:?:

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