Who Win The Election?

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I haven't really been following it enough to gauge general public consensus. I have done some online digging and as always the Conservative party are best for my and my family on our current situation.

Is there a general consensus on who will win or who is in contention? Labour seem to be a dead duck with the SNP taking a lot of their votes, conservatives seem to be doing well and their financial plan continues to stack up in terms of growth and general economic improvement.

UKIP seem to do well in 'certain circles' but not sure they have adequate support to get close to a majority. Lib dems seem out of it with their supporters from the last election being dissalusioned by the lack of follow through on many of their promises.

Will it most likely be another coalition?


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iam a floater think iam going to vote blue as I want a referdum and they "say" they going to keep taxes down.


ukip do seam to be talking a lot of sense I can understand what they saying[he ansers questions dosnt talk them out] and when hes wrong he admits it and I think they are feared as the others really have the knives out for them.

but I would say to you all and wether you vote red white or blue the important thing is


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I'm not sure what "certain circles" means, but I'll be voting UKIP.

My reason is to give the established parties a richly deserved bloody nose, as there is no chance of UKIP forming a government, but if they get a good number of votes, then, as happened with the Greens, the main parties will incorporate the more sensible parts of ukip policies, in order to keep them at bay.

I expect Dave to get in, but probably needing to cosy up with others, as now.

I actually got a tracked letter from Dave last week, personally addressed, as apparently we are "marginal", so worthy of special treatment, and I could paper every wall in the house with the pamphlets delivered so far by all parties.

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